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Desperately Seeking an Alternative to Alternative Medicine by Dr. Scott Gerson

My small Ayurvedic office pharmacy is stocked with jars, bottles, and bins filled with herbal medicines from home and abroad. We could compare these plant-based medicines to distinguished ambassadors from around the world gathered together to work for world peace and harmony. The world, in this analogy, consists of my patient population. Each and every jar tells a story.

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The Ayurvedic Approach to Lyme Disease—Part 2: Treatment by Dr. Scott Gerson

Let me be honest and clear. The illness we call “Lyme Disease” is a very complex and difficult condition to treat. Although I have had good success in many cases with the protocol described here, the disease’s repercussions sometimes persist long after treatment of any kind, including Ayurveda. But I have seen profound improvements in the health of the majority of my patients who have undergone these treatments.

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