The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

 Ayurvedic Acupuncture (Suchi Chikitsa)


Prana is the ultimate primordial force which gives rise to the Five Elements and Three Doshas which regulate all life. Prana flows through the human body through innumerable channels called nadis which connect both to the energy vortices (chakras) within and to the skin superficially. These skin points can be needled in a deliberate sequence according to Ayurvedic principles to create a healing response.

Today known descriptively as suchi chikitsa (“needling therapy”) it was originally and more aptly called bhedan chikitsa (“penetrating therapy”). The intention is to allow the universal prana of the cosmos to penetrate, through the skin, to the individual’s pranic channels in order to restore balance.

Suchi chikitsa sessions are 30 minutes and require the insertion of approximately 8 to 12 sterile stainless steel or copper needles.

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