Panchakarma Costs & Fees

The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

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Cost of Private Panchakarma at GIAM

As always, we are committed to trying to keep the costs of Panchakarma therapies affordable so they are accessible to everyone who could benefit from them. The following are indications for different durations of therapies, but all prospective patients should consult with GIAM’s knowledgeable staff or Dr. Gerson to determine the best duration of treatment.

  • Four Days of Therapies: appropriate for very elderly or very debilitated individuals

  • Five Days of Therapies: with the advice of the Chief Physician

  • Six Days of Therapies: this is the most common and highly recommended and effective duration for most chronic metabolic conditions

  • Nine Days of Therapies: appropriate for certain neoplastic, chronic immunologic, neurological and addictive conditions

We make every effort to make Panchakarma as affordable as possible and fees are determined according to one's clinical status, complexity, number and kind of treatments required, duration (days) of therapy required, number of therapists needed, herbal medicines required during the treatment period, specific dietary needs, and several other factors. The approximate cost is $750/day. Which includes: all customized Panchakarma treatments, all additional treatments deemed necessary by Dr. Scott Gerson, all Ayurvedic consultations during the week, all diagnostic procedures performed by Dr Gerson, any herbal medicines prescribed as part of treatment during your week, and designated Ayurvedic lunches. At the conclusion of treatment, there may be a small fee for maintenance herbal medicines and other optional supplies (usually $50-100 for 3 month supply) but there are no other additional or hidden costs. Please call GIAM to discuss your personal medical condition and specific costs.

Payments, Reservations, and Cancellations

To reserve your Private Panchakarma Retreat dates, a minimum deposit of 50% is required. The remaining balance will need to be paid prior to arrival or is due upon arrival on Day 1. Please note, payment may be made by check or credit card which carries a 3% bank surcharge fee.


  • Up to 4 weeks prior to event: 100% refund

  • No refunds within 4 weeks of event

Due to the nature of Panchakarma retreat preparations, scheduling, supplies, and personnel salary commitments, there are unfortunately NO exceptions to our refund policy including the no refund policy within 4 weeks of the event. This includes illness, emergencies, or other "acts of God." In the event that you cancel, GIAM will attempt to fill your spot. If we are able to so, we will gladly issue a full refund. Refund requests are accepted by phone or in writing only and not by email. Reservations cannot be transferred to a future retreat. Payment of your deposit signifies your acceptance of the terms of this refund policy.