Jupiter Office

The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

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GIAM, Jupiter Office

11951 US Highway 1
Suite 105
North Palm Beach, FL 33404

Currently taking appointments for:
October 22, 2019

In-Person Consultation, by appointment.
Tel: (407) 549-2800


Fees & Cancellation Policy:

New Patient Consultation (1st visit): 2 hours; $450
Follow up New Patient Consultation (2nd visit): 2 hours, $450
Established Patient Visits: 1 hour, $325
Telephone/Skype Consultation: by appointment. 45 minutes; $300

Payment may be made by check (preferred way) or credit card which carries a 2.5% bank surcharge fee. 

If you are a Florida resident you can use your health insurance to be reimbursed for all or part of your consultation with Dr. Gerson in Florida. Dr. Gerson is an out-of-network provider. We collect all fees at the time of service and provide you with a detailed invoice (or “superbill”) for you to send to your insurance company. Most patients receive reimbursement for a significant portion of their out of pocket costs. Massage oils, herbal medicines, and panchakarma therapies are not covered.

Dr. Gerson comes to Jupiter 1-2 times each month. It is a 3 hour drive so he needs to stay overnight a a local hotel. He sees a very limited number of patients, and depends on everyone keeping these appointments to make the day practical. 

Therefore, we have a 14 day cancellation policy. This means that if you cancel your appointment within 14 days of your scheduled appointment you will still be charged the full amount. Please be certain you can keep these Jupiter appointments when you book them.

To schedule a consultation, cancel, reschedule, or have your questions answered regarding fees and costs please call (561) 263-MIND (6463), email us at or click here to contact.