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Dr. Scott Gerson

This extraordinary book presents a time-tested, simple, and medically sensible approach to weight loss and maintenance. As both a qualified MD and trained Ayurvedic physician with many years of experience in a clinical setting applying both Western and Ayurvedic approaches.

With so much diet advice coming from so many different places, it's nice to have a source that is not only grounded in a tradition based on thousands and thousands of years of experience, but also incredibly effective. I've been a patient of Dr. Gerson's so I can attest to the fact that this guy really knows what he's doing (he was able to quickly resolve some issues that no one else came even close to figuring out). With some simple dietary tweaks I've been able to resolve my health issues and greatly improve my health (e.g., I almost never get sick anymore, and when I do, it clears up in about 1/3 of the time it used to take me to fully recover from sicknesses in the past). While modern medicine has its attributes, more people would be better served by first visiting someone like Dr. Gerson (easily one of the most intelligent and witty people I've ever met).

Dr. Gerson uses the ayurvedic approach to weight loss and diet in his clinic and has been very successful in aiding his patients in gaining long-term control over their weight management strategies. When Dr. Oz did his recent program on Ayurvedic diet for body type, it became clear that the experience of Dr. Gerson and his work with his patients was both very relevant and very timely. Even applying just a few of the tips can make a difference in how one feels and how one controls one's weight. One particularly useful tip for me was the recommendation to sip room temperature water through the day to moderate the appetite. Simple, yet effective.